Enterprise Scrum Thinking: Part 2 of 3

Dave Prior interviewed me on the topic of Enterprise Scrum Thinking. In the second part of three, I discuss the experimental mindset of an Agile-run project, how a Sprint is like a science experiment on production (we make a hypothesis, test the the hypothesis and learn from the results), and why fear of failure can doom Scrum. I also touch on the concept of Shu-Ha-Ri, stages of mastery that can apply to learning Scrum. Continue reading

Enterprise Scrum Thinking: Part 1 of 3

In the first of 3 podcasts, I discuss how to spread agile approaches beyond individual teams to the enterprise level, where potential benefits and challenges multiply. In the realm of project portfolio management, decision-making roles can include a Chief Product Owner and Enterprise ScrumMaster. Continue reading

Agile Abandonment 2: Root Causes


Agile Abandonment Syndrome is a phenomenon where—after implementing agile practices and seeing direct evidence of their benefits—a company stops improving, its agile behaviors degrade, and ultimately loses market share or productivity. We have seen this in many companies. Continue reading