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Dan’s trailblazing article, “Why Should Agilists Care About Capitalization?”, is an absolute must-read for financial professionals in the software industry. It opened my eyes to the idea that readily available Scrum data can provide a clear, organic picture of where asset value is being created within the development organization—and the idea that, rather than imposing much-hated time-tracking methods that restrict the Agile process, finance can work cooperatively with development teams to understand and leverage the wealth of documentation that those teams already produce in their daily processes.

Michelle ReinhartVP, Controller, Medidata Solutions

Senex Rex’s Agile Capitalization Workshop showed us how to use the natural outputs of Agile development to replace timesheets, and provided a foundation for capitalization that finance, developers and project managers all could understand. The workshop helped us create consistent rules for capitalization, and clear documentation for internal and external auditors. Bring developers and accountants from your company. The interactions will help them see each other’s viewpoints and learn together. You will leave the workshop with a kick-start to implement Story Points-based capitalization at your company!

Scott SzymkowskiSenior Director, Finance. Financial Engines

The detailed research Dan Greening did on capitalization is going to save me a significant amount of time and energy. Specifically, his research into the GAAP and FASB guidance on software capitalization. His summaries cut through years of poor capitalization guidance for Agile projects.

Awesome work. Must read.

Thomas HallHead of Product Operations, Physicians Mutual