Senex Rex is a consulting organization led by Daniel Rex Greening, PhD. If you are curious about the name or logo, click here.

How to work with us

  • Ramp up on agile with our public articles on Business Agility and the Agile Base Patterns.
  • To go faster, use our consulting services. Contact us here: Contact.
  • If you want more, engage us for organization-wide Scrum, Lean Startup, and general agile training.
  • Build an “Agile Program Office” of internal coaches and trainers. We “train the trainer,” provide materials, and help hire to get you self-sufficient.

Vertical and horizontal scaling

Greening has pioneered scaling agile frameworks to up to large organizations, down to individuals, and in a variety of departments, including engineering, marketing, finance, retail, etc. He has published academic and trade articles on agile (and on computing and physics, in a former life). His work is referenced by Scrum@Scale and SAFe, both widely used agile frameworks. He holds a Ph.D. in computer science from UCLA.

No lock-in

We often advise clients consider different approaches to their agile transformations, including using other providers or your in-house employees. In all engagements, we provide training and coaching materials that you can use internally without charge.

We help companies achieve and sustain stand-alone agile discipline. We supply agile training materials, agile coaching guides, recruiting content, career paths, performance evaluation guides, capitalization policies and other assets to our clients for their future use.

Elastic capacity

Senex Rex can scale quickly to meet the needs of larger enterprises, as it did in its relationship with Microsoft. This arises through Greening’s strong reputation as a general contractor with peers in the agile field.

Senex Rex works at all levels to advance organizational agility, from executives to managers to developers. Team members typically have held Vice President level or higher titles in mid to large organizations.

Fundamentals first

We follow agile principles in our own work: we measure our contributions, we adapt to your needs, we limit work-in-progress by providing you with valuable assets at every step, we take collective responsibility with you for your long-term health, and we help solve your systemic problems, leaving you with a more disciplined organization.