Certified Enterprise Coaching

A drawing of the sequence of scrum ceremonies starting with Retrospective, then Sprint Planning, Standups, Backlog Refinement, and Sprint Review

Certified Enterprise Coaching

We provide coaching to help you …

  • Assess organizational agility. Know where you are, so you can decide what path to take. We analyze your company in depth and recommend approaches you can take, with or without our help. Senex Rex consultants work in one-day increments, typically on-site.
  • Implement self-sustaining agile training and coaching programs that focus on a few characteristics that drive successful agility. Unlike most colleagues, we use the five pillars of the Agile Canon to motivate all our Scrum, Kanban, XP and DevOps training and coaching. We start with high-level executives: Agile-savvy executives and mid-level managers can nurture agility; others can inadvertently damage agility and profitability. Don’t spend a ton of money on team-level coaching only to see it gradually erode away when external coaches leave.
  • Rapidly assess and streamline product pipelines. Rapidly assess your organization to identify risks and sources of delay in product development value chains. We assess the organization holistically with Product Management, UX, Development, QA, Architecture, Operations and Support. We evaluate team structures, throughput, quality, complexity, processes, reliability and scalability against industry best practices. We provide a review and a prioritized backlog of improvements.
  • Find and mitigate risks in staffing, architecture, dependencies and markets. Use highly accurate Monte Carlo simulation for release forecasts and insight in complex projects. Our clients have saved millions preventing late projects and project abandonment, by identifying and mitigating risks before they damage project success.
  • Implement agile-friendly hiring, retention, performance and career programs. Keep, attract and focus talented staff to produce the greatest value for your company.
  • Capitalize agile software development properly. Companies that properly account for agile software development can avoid choppy P&L statements, gain investor confidence, and prevent restatements. Senex Rex pioneered a new approach for capitalizing labor in agile software companies, including a $10B publicly traded company, and gained the endorsement of CFOs and external auditors. We can help you understand theory, benefits, applicable regulations, and real-world examples of capitalizing software developed using agile practices.

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