Dan R. Greening


Dan R. Greening coaches executives, managers and teams internationally to gain and maintain global agility. Dan first used and researched Scrum, agile and lean methods in 2007 and rapidly became a thought leader in the field, publishing groundbreaking work in agile metrics, portfolio management and capitalization. Now, Dan has distilled personal, team and organizational agility into a set of 5 agile base patterns: if you do them, you’re agile; if you don’t, you’re not.

Dan previously led agile coaching at Skype and Citrix Online, was VP Engineering at Macromedia (acquired by Adobe) and Chief Scientist at Overstock.com. He has pioneered and published on agile portfolio management, metrics for large agile enterprises, and agile capitalization. Dan has trained Scrum, Agile and Lean methodologies to hundreds of people worldwide. He co-founded three startups. He spent a few years pondering his navel at IBM Research (it’s an “inney”). He is a Certified Scrum Coach. He holds a PhD in computer science from UCLA, where he studied emergent properties of a complex adaptive system called simulated annealing. His current passion is converting agile to a science, so we can better study and apply it to improve our collective happiness. You can check out his recent thoughts at http://senexrex.com/blog.


  • Planning, executing and measuring sustainable agile transformations at scale
  • Agile portfolio management
  • Agile finance and accounting
  • Agile human resources
  • Creating effective strategic problem solving teams
  • Agile curriculum development


  • Dan loves art and artists, travel, scuba diving and hiking, as well as running in his five fingers shoes (easy to pack).
  • When it’s late, and he doesn’t want to think, Dan watches Downton Abbey, Louis C.K. and Game of Thrones with friends.