Rapid Agile Forecasting

Idea in brief

Forecasting and estimating software projects is wasteful of staff time, sanity and rarely delivers any expected accuracy. SenexRex uses statistical modeling and analytical techniques that perform better than current methods with lower effort. Why isn’t everyone forecasting this way? Great question.

How it works

We offer advice and practical implementations of statistical techniques for estimating –

  1. Sampling techniques that eliminate the need to estimate EVERY piece of work, we just estimate a sample of work items and reliably extrapolate

  2. Modeling system throughput using velocity or cycle-time, and test this model with prior performance

  3. Forecasting future product in a portfolio and run what-if experiments to determine what factors cause the most improvement (staff, defect rate, scope creep, etc.)

Estimating and forecasting software work is futile. Process and system factors swamp the detail of any individual piece of work. We need to forecast how much work a system can deliver and then determine how much of your project will deliver. Then we can run experiments on this model to determine what factors could most increase throughput of value. We use reliable techniques to accomplish this in a fraction of the time your current estimation process likely takes.


We offer a 3-Day initial engagement to audit data capturing techniques, modeling system performance for a prior period and forecasting a proposed project. After this engagement we offer expert advice and mentoring for future projects


We offer one day workshops to introduce the concepts, two day training session for in-depth training on the software tools we offer, and ongoing expert opinion and mentoring for future projects.

Why SenexRex

SenexRex consultants are experiences executives in their own right. By combining their industry experience with hands-on Agile and Scrum adoption at scale for major brands, SenexRex is the trusted partner for scale Agile transformation – not just the team level.