Courses: Scrum@Scale Practitioner

Scrum@Scale Practitioner Training

Duration: 16 hours total. 2 days × 8 hours. Mixed teaching, exercises, and company-specific challenges
Capacity: 5-60 attendees
Attendees: Anyone familiar with Scrum. See Certified Scrum Master Training and Certified Product Owner Training for those new to Scrum.
Result: Qualification for Scrum@Scale Practitioner exam, deeper understanding of challenges and successful approach to create and sustain business agility

Scrum@Scale is an agile framework endorsed by the Scrum Alliance, suitable for departments or whole enterprises. Dan Greening, Managing Director of Senex Rex, led the second large implementation of Scrum@Scale (before it had that name) at Citrix Online in 2008, and published several papers on the technique, metrics that showed extraordinary productivity and adaptation improvements, and approaches used in Citrix Online to capitalize agile software development. Greening also published on enterprise-wide performance metrics from his work at Skype and Microsoft. Dan is a Certified Scrum@Scale Trainer, providing private training to Senex Rex client companies (and, occasionally, public trainings). Students qualify to take the Certified Scrum@Scale Practitioner exam.

Dan worked for me at CitrixOnline for 3 years. Under his leadership we were able to transform a 350 person waterfall development department into a highly effective agile/scrum organization. Dan has unparalleled knowledge in agile, scrum and development efficiency. His results oriented guidance decreased the average time for project delivery by more than 80%. —Justin Madison, VP Engineering Citrix Online

Scrum@Scale delivers business agility—allowing your enterprise to rapidly learn from market changes, deliver more value, and win big. At a department level, it delivers rapid value with less risk than other approaches. Agile and Scrum are the best management techniques we have found for creative teams, whether those teams are managers designing and implementing new policies, marketing departments producing new advertising campaigns, developers creating or maintaining software, or engineers designing new hardware products.

The Scrum@Scale Practitioner Training will benefit executives, managers, individual contributors seeking to:

  • Increase value delivered by teams in medium to large organizations
  • Decrease development cost
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase employee engagement and happiness
  • Sustain these gains long-term

You will leave with the understanding and resources to lead an agile capitalization effort at your company. Save your company from marginalization and risk by attending this powerful training.


Time Topic Details
Day 1
9:00 AM
3 hours
Why Business Agility?
  • Organizational Risks and Historic Failures
  • Scale-Free Agile Patterns to Drive and Sustain Innovation and Profit
  • Scrum@Scale Value and Work Cycles
1 hour Lunch Recharging with informal sharing and fellowship
1:00 PM
4 hours
Cost Reduction
  • Executive Action Team: The Heart of Business Agility
  • Agile Practice Team
  • MetaScrum Team and Backlog
Day 2
9:00 AM
3 hours
Value Creation
  • Organizational Design
  • Cross-Team Communication
  • Company Values, Product Values, Prioritization
 1 hour  Lunch Recharging with informal sharing and fellowship
1:00 PM
4 hours
Sustaining Agility
  • Release, Deployment and Feedback
  • Metrics and Transparency
  • Retrospection


The Scrum knowledge provided by Senex Rex worked wonders: we aligned at executive level, quickly ramped up our key team members, then performed a complete turn around of our engineering and product teams. We have gone from central command and control to empowered, enabled, self-learning and self-organizing teams tackling twenty portfolio projects—with estimated 300% velocity increase. That we pulled this off across US, UK, Ukraine…and India is a testament to Dan’s ability. Our drastic performance increase overwhelmed our development data center’s file storage, requiring additional equipment. Similarly our recruiting team had to be re-aligned to hire more of the right people much faster. Now we ship valuable software to market in weeks rather than months. Even the tone of our conversation has changed: straight and up front about impediments. As we go forward, not a week goes by without identifying and fulfilling keys for success. —Pablo Rodriguez Bertorello, EVP Exponential


Dan is highly motivated. He has a passion for improving organisational effectiveness using agile principles. Dan is open with sharing his deep knowledge around Scrum and was a supportive member of the agile transformation team at Skype. I’d worked with Dan again. —Tony Grout, Skype Head of Agile Transformation


Dan provided Scrum training to our development team and it was amazing. What is unique about Dan is that he has been an IT leader for more than 2 decades, so he has seen all kinds of different methodologies for managing the development process. He is able to draw on that deep experience to explain the strengths and weaknesses of Scrum relative to other processes, and can help to tailor it to a group’s individual needs. Since he has seen so much, he also isn’t entranced by the ‘fad’ aspects of Scrum, and gets right to the heart of what it can do for your business. —Robert Hohman, CEO and Founder


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