Agile Training

We can help your business achieve sustained growth with our proven methods.

Senex Rex offers packaged training courses on these topics:

Executive Introduction to Agile

Rapidly assess your organization and identify constraints that slow you down. Responsibly hire and promote candidates with the agile characteristics you need. Safely experiment with markets and production to find and exploit opportunities others have missed. Create a continuous improvement culture that involves everyone and solves long-standing problems. Build management teams that focus on strategic transformations you need to succeed.

Agile Product Management

Identify market opportunities and develop customers rapidly using customer development and lean startup strategies. Use agile metrics to forecast and meet delivery dates. Produce incremental releases that test market assumptions and rapidly adapt to discoveries. Support agile development teams to solve customer and user problems fast.

Agile Development 

Organize highly effective teams of creative people who produce high quality results in short increments, using Scrum, Kanban, XP and/or DevOps. Gather reliable statistics to help your organization forecast accurately. Identify and mitigate dangerous production and architectural risks. Rapidly adapt to new discoveries in the market or in production work. Automate expensive manual work, such as manual testing or deployment, to create a more rewarding and creative work place.

Agile Capitalization Workshop 

Follow GAAP principles to defensibly classify internal software and product development work. Capitalize long-term value creation. Use story points as a more reliable source for work tracking than time sheets. Collaborate with finance, engineering and auditing groups to gain mutual agreement and rock-solid traceability.

Delivery Forecasting

Accurately identify delivery risks in complex organizations and projects, both agile and waterfall, with Monte Carlo simulation. Course includes access to a highly intuitive Monte Carlo simulation tool.

Short Course: Agile Manager

Identify high-talent, teachable and low-talent managers, and understand how to develop and achieve success for them and the organization. Assess the agility of individuals, teams, managers and organizations, using Agile Base Patterns. Assess your own agility and construct a game-plan to improve ourselves. Introduce Strategy Scrum into management projects, to improve success and sustainability. Change organizations using the Kotter Organizational Change model, specifically in this area of agile manager development.