Month: November 2012

  • Promote Corporate Agility

    Promote Corporate Agility

    As a company, we sustainably adopt continuous-improvement techniques (iterate, measure, reflect, and adapt) everywhere to rapidly identify market need, explore demand, establish product plans, deliver products and delight customers, and support employees, so we gain greater profitability indefinitely. Agile practices are surprisingly fragile: you can lose them with a manager resignation and/or a bad hire.  Agile drives…

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  • Should we work over 40 hours per week?

    Should we work over 40 hours per week?

    A colleague recently ask for evidence that 40 hours per week is an optimal work schedule. Here is a document that talks about past studies on “crunch time”, working more than 40 hours a week.  It shows that after 4 weeks of crunch time work, productivity declines below the productivity teams had in prior weeks…

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  • Can You Combine Waterfall and Agile?

    Can You Combine Waterfall and Agile?

    Many well-meaning people think they can be the First Person Ever to combine waterfall and Scrum, name their new process with some catchy name, start teaching this Frankenstein system, then cause internal organizational chaos or sloth.

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