Converting from Waterfall to Scrum – The First 30 Days

In a 30-day period, Senex Rex motivated and shepherded a 700-person company, with development teams in 4 countries, to convert from waterfall to Scrum, with two training courses, one in the USA and the other in India. Today Dan Greening watched the CTO answer employee questions perfectly in front of 68 Indian, Ukrainian and British staff members, saying that there were three roles, Scrum Master, Product Owner and Team Member, that the distinction between QA and Dev would be erased, that there would be dedicated Scrum Masters, that bonuses would be tied to team success, not individual contribution, that they will be using Scrum, and there are no alternatives.

This approach will turn this privately held startup company into an unstoppable machine, and likely prepare it for a highly successful IPO.

Senex Rex leaves companies with the skills and training materials to coach and train their own people in Scrum and agile methods. We help companies design career paths and compensation plans to support agile practices and management behavior long-term. We do not use the “army of coaches” model, but rather help shape companies to permanently self-sustain. The clarity in what executives say following our training is dramatically different from what we’ve seen with other approaches.

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