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    Learning Science and Agile Training

    New cognitive psychology results can help us provide better training. Trainers seek to transform the way you think about tasks, motivation, planning and outcomes, and equip you with enough understanding to succeed. My Scrum Trainings are done in the afternoon, reinforcing learning by exploiting sleep cycles. Further ideas include changing venues from day-to-day, varying ways…

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  • Meeting Scrum: Part 1, Make Information Flow

    Meeting Scrum: Part 1, Make Information Flow

    Meeting Scrum can make long meetings, trainings, and workshops more agile. When Scott Downey came to town, I used Meeting Scrum to bring Scott in as part of an in-progress 16 hour Scrum Training. It made the training more spontaneous and showed the highly adaptive nature of agile methods. Part 1 of a multi-part blog…

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