Month: May 2009

  • Marketing Scrum Experimentation

    Marketing Scrum Experimentation

    Agile methods can organize marketing efforts: asset production, brand development, strategic brand alignment. However, it may not be a perfect fit: marketing tasks are often short-lived; “debt” is a different concept; prioritizing is perhaps more important, estimation less so. We are experimenting with these concepts at Citrix Online. We hope to gain insight by looking…

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  • Scrum Self-Similarity: Creating Organizational Fractals

    Scrum Self-Similarity: Creating Organizational Fractals

    Scrum exhibits fractal self-similarity, a property you can use to scale Scrum. Large organizations can deliver higher corporate productivity, revenues and agility in the face of rapidly changing markets. Everything scales, including the challenges. We use a unique Enterprise Scrum process at Citrix Online (we are aware of no other organization using it) to manage…

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