Month: April 2015

  • Strategy Scrum Teams

    Strategy Scrum Teams

    Management teams can use Strategy Scrum to manage themselves and more effectively finish important work.

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  • Are We Agile? Answer 6 Questions to Find Out
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    Are We Agile? Answer 6 Questions to Find Out

    Are we agile? The highest performing innovators follow 6 progressive agile base patterns. To assess your agility, ask how well you follow those patterns. To stay agile, follow the agile base patterns indefinitely. Audit your business agility with this guide.

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  • Top-Down Agile Beats Bottom-Up

    Top-Down Agile Beats Bottom-Up

    Leaders who publicly demonstrate agile methodologies and promote them top-down drive their organizations to sustain agile practices and succeed. But bottom-up agile transformations lack resiliency and generate cultural strife. Agile methodologies are now widely recommended for managing software development, but most large companies require transformation from entrenched “waterfall development,” an intuitively appealing strategy that has created massive project disasters (see Why…

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  • What is an Agile Methodology? How does it beat Waterfall?

    What is an Agile Methodology? How does it beat Waterfall?

    Using an agile methodology for project management can help CEOs, organizations, managers, teams and individuals rapidly adapt to change, beat slower competitors and win profitable markets. Agile methodologies were created to prevent the frequent and expensive manufacturing and development failures that arose in “waterfall” or “ad hoc” projects. Most people tackle large projects using an intuitively obvious approach called “the waterfall method”: plan…

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  • Agile Leadership Patterns:The Agile Way of Doing

    Agile Leadership Patterns:
    The Agile Way of Doing

    Dan Greening and Jeff Sutherland will discuss Agile Leadership Patterns: The Agile Way of Doing at the Agile 2015 Conference, August 3–6, 2015. Join us and learn to answer the questions, “Am I agile?”, “Is my organization agile?” and “Are my leaders agile?” You only need to know five patterns.

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