• Agile Supports Software Success

    Agile Supports Software Success

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    Agile posits this trade off: that creative projects, such as software development, have such huge market, technical and budget uncertainty, that we should pay the high expense of repeated regression testing, packaging, deployment, and rework, to enable us to test our market and technical theories early and often, adapting our approach as we learn more.…

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  • Breaking into Quality: Prioritization as a Pitfall

    Breaking into Quality: Prioritization as a Pitfall


    Our team kept solving the easy stuff, the big deliverables seemed to take forever, and would inevitably come out with major bugs.  Do the right things right… Why not just do that?  For any one product, a number of people and processes come together.  We automatically operated by priority, and this turned out to be the…

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  • The Goal Revisited

    The Goal Revisited

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    The Goal by Eliyahu Goldratt is a business novel that recounts how a factory manager shakes off complacency and isolation to save his factory and its employees. Many MBAs, system scientists and agilists have read it. I read The Goal 7 years ago. I was so excited I sent our CEO an email. “Have you read it? It has…

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  • Quality is Not Negotiable? A Contrarian View

    In Martin Fowler’s blog post, Tradable Quality Hypothesis, he reiterates the oft-repeated agile cliché that “quality is not negotiable.” I argue that making quality inviolable lets engineers off the hook for understanding and prioritizing quality efforts.

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