How We Charge Our Clients

Senex Rex charges by the day, not the hour. This allows us to focus, to think, to innovate. Tracking time obsessively, as many lawyers and consultants do, turns them into automatons who can follow the rules, color inside the lines, who might take a dysfunctional situation and make it average.

We’re reasonable, of course. If we just do a one-hour call, we don’t charge. Doing the best for our customers sometimes means we work a 14 hour day, and we charge just a day for that.

When we take a client, we seek to make them world class. We address tough problems like agile sustainability. We seek to build our skills into the DNA of our clients, so they don’t need us anymore. And our clients praise us for that.

See James Surowiecki, “The Cult of Overwork,” The New Yorker, January 27, 2014.

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