Personal 2009 Retro/2010 Planning

Dan Greening 2009 Retrospective Mind Map

My yearly retrospective mind map summarizes what went well and badly in 2009, and what I plan to do in 2010. Click the image to see the full view.

I plan to iterate in 2010, with monthly or shorter sprints, progressing each month to make usable progress on as many 2010 goals as possible.

One thing that deserves explanation: “software project assessor”. This is not a commonly used term. An example is Elliot Fishman, who analyzes startup companies to determine their intrinsic bottom-up value. Venture capitalists pay him for his analysis. Being a sophisticated software project assessor means you can look at a software project or startup company and determine its likely value in the future. There are obvious implications to this.

I hope those who know me will ask me how it’s going; it will help motivate me.

Have a great 2010!

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  1. Kirstin Avatar

    Thanks for posting again Dan! I’ve been looking forward to hearing from you again as I’m interesting in learning more about how Scrum might apply to marketing efforts. A fan in Florida!

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