• Failure Rates

    Failure Rates

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    “If you want to succeed, double your failure rate.”—Thomas J. Watson, IBM

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  • Agile Resolutions

    Agile Resolutions


    January is “New Years Resolution Month” for me. I plan what I’ll improve in the rest of the year and how I’ll do it. Roughly 88% of people who make New Years Resolutions fail [Lehrer 2009]. Twenty years ago, software projects had extremely high failure rates like this. The software industry started adopting “agile” management…

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  • Review: The World is Not Small for Everyone

    In “The World is Not Small for Everyone” [sing10], Singh, Hansen and Podolny thoughtfully explore how limited access to knowledge hobbles peripheral, junior and female employees. Surprisingly, in all three of these cases, self-reinforced isolation seems to interfere further with access to experts and referrals. Agile methods may mitigate some of these problems.

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  • Cult of Zero: Free Your Creative Soul

    Cult of Zero: Free Your Creative Soul

    A “Cult of Zero” is slowly developing worldwide. Adherents drive the total emails in their inbox to zero, every day, with great results in improved productivity. I talk about how you can get your inbox to zero, and keep it there.

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  • 2010 Resolutions: Q1 Retrospective

    2010 Resolutions: Q1 Retrospective

    Perform a quarterly personal retrospective on your 2010 resolutions to accelerate achievement, using techniques from agile, lean and GTD methods.

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  • Personal 2009 Retro/2010 Planning

    Personal 2009 Retro/2010 Planning

    Dan Greening 2009 Retrospective Mind Map My yearly retrospective mind map summarizes what went well and badly in 2009, and what I plan to do in 2010. Click the image to see the full view. I plan to iterate in 2010, with monthly or shorter sprints, progressing each month to make usable progress on as…

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